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Homeowner Defends His Daughter And Home From Four Armed Intruders

Four armed intruders invaded a home at 10 a.m. at the end of Palmer Drive in Lacombe, Louisiana. They met an armed homeowner, who was determined to protect his family. The criminals reportedly pistol-whipped the man before he acted in self-defense.

All the four intruders were shot, two fatally during a confrontation that also injured the man’s four-year-old daughter caught up in the crossfire. Doctors operated on the girl and she is expected to recover.

The deceased suspects were identified as Renard Causey Jr., 25, and Justin Hill, 21. The incident was surprising considering that the neighborhood is a crime-free, tight-knight community.

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However, that did not prevent some out-of-town criminals from targeting the peaceful community. Some of the suspects were believed to be from Hammond, about 40 minutes away. However, the St. Tammany sheriff’s office did not provide more information to avoid interfering with the ongoing investigation.

With potential magazine limits being promoted by a likely Biden administration, using firearms for self-defense would become almost impossible. A homeowner armed with only 10 rounds cannot confront a group of criminals packing as many rounds as possible.

The need to reload multiple times under fire would certainly impede his ability to act in self-defense. Ironically, such are the "common-sense" gun control laws expected to keep us safe. Unsurprisingly, armed criminals would never abide by such limitations, thus gaining an advantage over law-abiding citizens.


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