House Bill Requires That All Handguns Sold In The United States Use Smart Technology

While smart technology is a monumental failure this Democratic legislator demands that all handguns imported, manufactured, or sold in the United States require this technology.

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Rep Caroline Maloney (D – NY) filed H.R.1008 titled “To provide for the development and use of technology for personalized handguns, to require that all handguns manufactured or sold in, or imported into, the United States incorporate such technology, and for other purposes.”

Rep. Maloney’s “personalized handgun” bill is essentially a gun control bill whose sole purpose is to limit Americans’ second amendment rights.

If smart handgun technology was a thing, major tech companies would be competing to establish their dominance in the market. But it takes just a $15 magnet to hack the so-called smart gun. "Could you imagine what the guys at DefCon could do with this [piece of shit]?" Wired Magazine quoted.

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Worse still, the security researcher who hacked the gun tried the “low-skilled” attacks that could be carried out without any tech expertise. Even more complicated attacks such as “relay attacks” cost about $20.

The smartgun technology would be a piece of cake to the criminals and the false sense of security accorded to the smart handgun owners would only lead to more compromised handguns used in crimes.

Apparently, it’s not about the security of the smart guns but the layer of restrictions it adds on law-abiding citizens' ability to acquire guns.

The exploits considered so far apply to excellently working handguns, not the ones that malfunction during the most critical moment. In such cases, the dead person would be the one whose handgun refused to fire when he or she needed it the most.

German gunmaker Armatix once introduced the iP9 9mm smartgun. The gun only functioned only when paired with a smartwatch within a 10” distance.

The gunmaker said that you had to train the gun a little bit because it relied on predetermined sequences to unlock. Some users reported failures as much as 1/3 of the time. In all these cases, the victim would have been the guy who followed the law.

Criminals would also keep and smuggle non-smart handguns, making the technology almost useless in preventing crimes.

Ironically, Democrats believe that this technology would keep Americans safe from armed criminals.

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