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House Dems File Bill to Grant $10m for Smart Gun Development

Democrats introduced the Advancing Gun Safety Technology Act that seeks to spend $10 million in research for smart guns despite a complete lack of demand in the market. The smart gun project would kick off in 2021 as a pilot project. Companies that have developed an initial product design and are willing to show commitment to reducing gun violence through accidental shootings will be eligible to apply.

Despite this gesture of virtue signaling by House Democrats, facts on the ground tell a different story. The first bottleneck to this project is customer acceptance with research showing that users had very low interest in buying smart weapons.

Another problem facing the project is the lack of appropriate technology. Smart Guns idea is built from an oversimplification of the process. Proponents of gun safety argue that smart guns could work just like a mobile phone, locking and unlocking by using a password or fingerprints. Reality shows, however, that achieving the same functionality has been a problem for both governments and private manufactures for many years. The current authentication technology that exists has shown to be unreliable and easy to circumvent or breakdown using a magnet or jamming the radio waves.

Guns generate a lot of heat and force as well as operate underwater, dust, sand and strong chemicals. Introducing effective electronics under such circumstances is likely to compromise reliability, safety and the size of the gun.

Lastly, the data that Democrats cite to indicate 60% of firearm owners indicated they would be willing to buy a smart gun was based off of a poll that posed a confusing and ambiguous question. During the study, the researchers asked gun owners, “If you were to purchase a new handgun, how willing would you be to purchase a childproof gun that fires only for authorized users?”

The fact that even companies such as Ruger have indicated the lack of interest in pursuing smart guns should convey the reality about the matter. Capitalism is a beautiful thing. Crony capitalism is not.

Like all gun control, LSGR adamantly opposes the use of any taxpayer funding for what will ultimately lead to more gun control. Join LSGR today and help us in our fight against the tyranny of political elites. Sign our petition against gun control to help us get your voice heard! We will not tolerate these infringements, and will hold anyone who supports them accountable, regardless of party.

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