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Hunter Biden's Gun Discarded Into A Garbage Can Outside A Supermarket By Hallie

Hunter Biden's firearm was taken from his vehicle without his knowledge by Hallie Biden, the late Beau Biden's widow, and tossed in a Delaware supermarket garbage can. Hallie searched Hunter's car on October 23, 2018, when she found the gun and discarded it outside the supermarket. She later informed Hunter of her actions, who told her to try and retrieve the firearm.

Hunter and Hallie were publicly dating when the incident happened. Their romance crumbled in 2019.

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Attempts to retrieve the firearm were unsuccessful, the source spills. Law enforcement agents interrogated both Hunter and Hallie Biden, but no arrests or charges were filed. Delaware State Police referred the case to the Delaware Department of Justice for possible prosecution, the Blaze reported. The US Secret Service and the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agents visited the shop which sold the firearm.

Hunter retrieved the firearm's case with its serial and surrendered it to the police. The secret service also retrieved a copy of Hunter's firearm purchase record. The officers also entered the firearm's serial into the National Crime Information Center system after filing a Theft of Firearm report.

Hallie and Hunter refused to disclose why the former discarded the firearm. However, Hunter said that he always had the gun in his car and used it for target practice. He added that he never stored it in Hallie's house or near her children.

Biden denied requesting Joe Biden for assistance when confronted on the issue.

"I have never called my dad for anything," the source reported on Hunter's defense. However, the Secret Service's involvement raised eyebrows, considering that Hunter's state protection expired in 2014.

The police should have filed a criminal charge for negligent security, leading to theft or allowing criminals to access guns through theft. However, laws only apply if you're an ordinary citizen with no powerful political affiliations or a criminal.


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