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Joe Biden Could Force Gun Control Past A GOP Senate, The Trace Suggests

Having declared premature election victory, Joe Biden is facing a humongous task of enforcing gun control past a Republican-dominated Senate. The Democratic presidential candidate is afraid that GOP Senators would vote his gun control proposals into oblivion should he become POTUS.

Even if the leftist party clinched the remaining seats and gained a simple Senate majority, the filibuster would prevent any gun control laws from passing. Additionally, the "centrist" Democratic Senator Joe Manchin could vote unfavorably towards gun control. Consequently, The Trace enumerated various actions that Biden could take to pass gun control.

The creation of an inter-agency task force.

The Trace suggests that Biden could "sign an executive order creating an interagency task force on gun violence prevention." However, we know that the panel would be a proxy to sneak implicit gun control into public policy using "gun violence prevention" as an excuse.

Making ATF political appointments.

The Trace suggests that Biden could reinvigorate the ATF through "political appointments and personnel choices." Quoting the Center for American Progress president for gun violence prevention Chelsea Parsons, the author suggests that Biden should appoint a pro-gun control director.

This is hardly a new concept, given that current and previous ATF administrators are reported to hold anti-gun attitudes. ATF leadership, including Acting Director Regina Lombardo, a non-Trump pick, and Associate Deputy Director Marvin Richardson, are bureaucrats who are less passionate about people's constitutional rights.

Reclassification of firearms by the ATF.

The Trace suggests that Biden could use the ATF to reclassify firearms and subject more guns to NFA regulations.

"Under new leadership, the agency could review its previous determinations and reclassify firearms and components teetering on the line of being considered an NFA weapon."

Recently, the ATF transferred Q LLC. "Honey Badger" Pistol and SB Tactical's pistol braces to the NFA. This classification was just a preparation for a more anti-gun ATF under the anticipated Biden administration.

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Data collection and research.

The Trace recommended creating a "reliable nationwide database of crime statistics" and directing "agencies to more efficiently collect and publish data." The author also suggests more resources directed to "gun violence research."

Such research committees concoct political propaganda and try to pass it as science. Additionally, the administration would try to infringe on gun owners' privacy rights through more invasive gun control data collection.

Cracking down on "ghost guns."

Biden is also advised to regulate the DIY blueprints and tools for making 3D printed firearms and other home-made weapons.

"While it might be difficult to ban or prohibit ghost guns through executive action alone, there are proposals on how the ATF could use its rulemaking authority to regulate the parts needed to assemble home-made weapons."

Another suggestion is to require serial numbers to be imprinted on home-made firearms like they do in California.

Banning the importation of "assault weapons."

Although an outright ban on "assault weapons" would be difficult for a Biden administration, he could reduce access to firearms by controlling the importation of certain weapons. With the reclassification of various commonly-used firearms, an importation ban could affect more weapons.

Currently, the Gun Control Act bans the importation of most firearms, except those considered to be readily suitable or adaptable for sporting purposes. Biden could ensure more firearms fail to pass the "sporting" category hence prohibiting them from importation.

Rallying gun control in the Senate.

Biden is also advised to try passing gun control through a GOP-dominated Senate. He could try holding bipartisan negotiations on gun control as Nancy Pelosi did.

Some Republican Senators such as Pat Toomey have a history of sponsoring gun control bills and would vote for such measures.

Pressure and blackmail from the Democrat-controlled House could also force other Republican Senators to jump ship and support gun control.

"With pressure from the House… and with President Biden not only supporting that legislation but taking action in his own right through the executive action process and federal rulemaking, I think it just kind of compounds the message that Senate Republicans can't get off the hook," the Trace quoted Giffords director of federal affairsAdzi Vokhiwa.

The anti-gunners' efforts will always fail because Americans will never compromise on their Second Amendment rights.


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