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Joe Biden Surprisingly Chose Anti-Gun California Attorney Genera Xavier Becerra To Head The HHS

Joe Biden never picked Dr. Vivek Murthy to lead the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as initially leaked by insider sources and as we reported. Perhaps it was another attempt to confuse Americans before he settled on a surprising pick, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Instead, Biden picked Murthy as the U.S. Surgeon general, a role he served under the Obama administration. Regardless, none of the individuals were a better option considering that Biden intends to politicize the national healthcare system at every level.

Becerra is a radical gun control proponent who aggressively defended California's anti-gun laws in court and advocated for the same at the national level. According to the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) President Brandon Combs, Becerra was initially reasonable on gun control compared to his predecessor Kamala Harris.

FPC was among the coalition of gun rights activists suing Becerra for California's "assault weapons" ban and age-based laws preventing individuals between 18 and 21 years from purchasing firearms.

"The Second Amendment is not a second-class right, and adults over the age of 18 but under 21 are not second-class people," Combs said.

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However, over the years, Becerra became more radical on gun control to impress his anti-gun overlords at the Democratic party. In recent years, Becerra has been defending California's ammo background checks, which has come under attack by gun rights activists.

The pro-2A activists oppose the ammo background checks system for blocking hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens while allowing criminals to buy as much ammunition as they need.

Becerra also joined a multi-state lawsuit against the redistribution of 3D blueprints for "ghost guns."

"Loosening the rules on 3D-printed firearms puts lives at risk," Becerra said. "The Trump Administration should focus on reducing violence, not making it easier for criminals to get their hands on untraceable and undetectable ghost guns."

Becerra was also an aggressive defender of the Obamacare plan in the Supreme Court battle during the latest attempts to repeal it. The case will be decided next year.

However, the California Attorney general has no healthcare experience, an issue that would come under heavy scrutiny if the Senate was to confirm him. Biden's choice was inspired by his need for someone who combined his support for socialized medicine with his anti-gun agenda, both of which are his priority.


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