John Cornyn - Anti-2A Statist that Needs to be Fired!

Another day; another Republican pushing gun control. This is not his first time, however, but this one will have major consequences for all Americans. I am, of course, talking about our beloved senior Senator from the great and oh-so-gun-friendly state of Texas, John "Wayne" Cornyn.

John "Wayne" was first elected to the Senate in 2002 to replace Democrat Phil Gramm, and has proved to be yet another anti-liberty statist who touts his phony "conservative" record come election time. In more ways than one, John "Wayne" has been as big government as every Democrat (and most Republicans), and is the very definition of the establishment. Covering all of them would fill up a book, so I am going to focus just on the two most recent gun-related ones.

Following the Sutherland Springs shooting in 2017, John "Wayne" authored what he called the Fix NICS Act after it came out that the shooter should have been flagged by the NICS Background Check System when he went to purchase his weapons, but his records were missing from the system (how Orwellian is it that I even have to write that?).

The bill ultimately was a bribery scheme that withheld federal tax dollars (aka money it steals from you and me) from States that do not dump any and all records into NICS, regardless of their accuracy. Since there were zero consequences from inaccurate records being submitted, and the burden of proof fell on the falsely-flagged individual to prove their innocence, the state has literally zero incentive to ensure accuracy.

The Fix NICS Act was crammed into the super-conservative $1.1 trillion omnibus bill, that Donald Trump signed into law, and John "Wayne" couldn't be prouder... but now, he is ready for the next step, using Orwell's 1984 as a guide.

John "Wayne" is now pushing what he calls the RESPONSE Act (an acronym for Restoring, Enhancing, Strengthening, and Promoting Our Nation’s Safety Efforts), and it has a lot of similarities to the TAPS Act that Dan Crenshaw has been pushing (though it is way worse). According to a press release from the "Wayne" campaign, this bill will (with the help of unicorns and rainbows) "reduce mass violence and make communities safer." How exactly? Well, the bill's text isn't available yet, but here is a partial summary reworded from the press release highlighting just a few of the statist atrocities:

  • Encouraging Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to Better Collaborate with Law Enforcement to Prevent Mass Shootings — Gives Facebook the authority to share your information to law enforcement.... Keep this in mind with the phrase "PREVENT Mass Shootings." Also applies to hate crimes, and other "my feelings hurt" vagueness.

  • Prosecuting Illegal Unlicensed Firearms Dealers — Creates national, state, and local task forces (because we're going to task force away evil) to prosecute sellers of firearms without a license, and give more bribe money to the states for participating.

  • Assisting School Behavioral Intervention Teams — Has the gooberment (HHS) identify and develop best practices to help schools create "behavioral intervention teams" to label your child as a serial killer because he pretended a stick was a gun on the playground.

  • Incentivizing School Internet Safety to Prevent Mass Violence — Has schools violate you and your child's privacy to "detect online activities of minors who are at imminent risk of committing self-harm or extreme violence against others."

Just how proud of this bill is John "Wayne"? Proud enough to blast it ALL over social media:

Of course, on his website, John "Wayne" has some mentions gun rights in a rather weird way. It says, "He believes judges must uphold the fundamental liberties codified in our Bill of Rights, including... the right to bear arms." Judges? So, Senators shouldn't adhere to the same standard? I guess not given his actions.

Dwayne Stovall is running against John "Wayne," and I asked him for a comment on the RESPONSE Act. It turned out to be so epic, that I would not feel right editing it down in any way. Mr. Stovall said the following on John "Wayne" Cornyn:

"This is typical Cornyn. He has a history of using the evil acts of a mentally deranged individual as a way to push for more and more unconstitutional restrictions on a law abiding citizen’s right to bear arms. Let’s stop beating around the bush; the Constitution of the United States gives no authority whatsoever to the Congress to be involved in our right to bear arms, and Texans know this. How many times are we going to allow Cornyn to compromise our right to bear arms with people like Diane Feinstein before we take action and remove him from office? I think we Texans have had enough. Cornyn has proven for almost two decades now that there is no principle he won’t compromise on - not one - and our right to bear arms is completely open for negotiation. Cornyn has never been a fighter, and never will be. He’s just a big government compromiser, and Texans are finally ready to remove him from office at the next opportunity. March 2020 will be that opportunity."

So many Texans worry about Texas turning blue in 2020, but the unfortunate truth is that Texas is already blue; we just happen to have a Republican majority. It does not matter if we are talking about the Legislature in Austin or Congress in DC, most Texas Republicans are weak and spineless. The 2020 Election is not about keeping Texas red; it's about turning Texas red. Only then will our liberties be safe.

Join LSGR and help us do that very thing! We will never compromise because it is our belief that every gun law is an infringement! Every. Single. One. Our right to bear arms is a natural right that government did not grant to us. They, therefore, have no authority to regulate it! John Cornyn's presence in the US Senate should embarrass every single Texan, and it is up to us to fire him in March 2020! If you are unable to join, please sign our petition, and let's make Texas and America pro-gun again!

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