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Judge Novak Rules On Kyle Rittenhouse's Extradition

Judge Paul Novak ruled on Kyle Rittenhouse's extradition case following the fatal shooting of two protesters in Kenosha. The judge said that he could not decide on the validity of Kenosha's shooting case. He, therefore, ordered the 17-year old to be extradited to Wisconsin to answer the charges.

Judge Novak penned a six-page argument explaining why he could not stop Rittenhouse's repatriation to Wisconsin. He acknowledged the defense claims of political persecution. However, he said that Wisconsin's District Attorney must have considered the political impact when filing the case.

"This Illinois court shall not examine any potential political impact a Wisconsin District Attorney potentially considered in his charging decision," Novak wrote.

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Judge Novak added that the Illinois court had no jurisdiction in deciding on the probable cause surrounding the incident.

Stephen Scheller, Lake County's Assistant Attorney, said that Rittenhouse's extradition was not negotiable for the sake of cooperation with Wisconsin.

"You can imagine the chaos if someone can commit a crime and step over the [border] and get [a] sanctuary," Scheller said.

Judge Novak said a suspect's extradition could only be halted if his extradition papers were not in order, his identity was challenged, or if he was yet to be charged with a crime.

Rittenhouse's attorney said the extradition orders were invalid because Wisconsin was supposed to submit the charging documents to the Illinois court but had failed to do so. However, Judge Novak dismissed the argument saying that the governor's orders satisfied the extradition requirements.

"Even if this court were to find the complaint (was) not made before a magistrate … Rittenhouse's argument would still fail," he wrote.

The hearing lasted less than 30 seconds. The only evidence produced was Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker's extradition orders. Rittenhouse wore a blue shirt and a tie and glanced at his mother. She broke into tears as he was marched away. Rittenhouse's attorney announced that he would not invite her and other witnesses in defense of Rittenhouse.

Meanwhile, the analysis of video evidence supports Rittenhouse's self-defense claim. A few weeks ago, A Wisconsin court charged Joshua Ziminski, 35, with misdemeanor misuse of a firearm and disorderly conduct for firing a gun right behind Rittenhouse.

The incident caused mass hysteria and could have scared Rittenhouse, forcing him to defend himself. The 17-year old was being pursued by mobs shouting, "Beat him up!" and "Get him! Get that dude!" Several eyewitnesses have confirmed that the slain protesters tried to grab his firearm and assault him.

Leftists labeled Rittenhouse as a racist, and his attorney said he would sue Biden for libel after characterizing him as such in a social media video.

The court did not provide a timetable for the extradition of the Antioch's resident. It was not immediately clear whether Rittenhouse could or would appeal the ruling.


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