Kentucky Governor Beshear’s Effigy Hanged on State Capitol

The Memorial Day celebrations of the Second Amendment transformed into coronavirus restrictions protests leading to the hanging of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s effigy on the state Capitol. The agenda for the rally was to remind people of what it means to be free.

The event attracted over 100 people who waved flags and placards with the words “Don’t Tread on Me,” “Abort Beshear from office,” “My rights don’t end where your fear begins,” “Resign Andy,” and “Come out Andy.” Military flags were also dished out to veterans. A replica of the “1st Assault Rifle” was also featured during the event.

Tony Wheatley of Constitutional Kentucky said a republic could only exist if citizens can maintain it referring to the use of firearms to defend a nation. A resident who sued the governor said dangerous liberty was preferable to peaceful slavery.

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The event was also attended by some politicians. Wesley Morgan, a candidate for the US Senate, promised to keep the Second Amendment while Rhonda Palazzo said she would uphold the constitution. The two candidates are running against Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Yarmuth respectively.

The crowd also tried to deliver a request for the resignation of Gov. Beshear. Nobody responded to the visit at the governor’s mansion, and it is unclear if he was at home. Some troopers watched at the protestor from a distance, and there was no security incident during the rally.

After returning to the rally, an effigy of Gov. Beshear was hanged from a tree. The effigy had the words “Sic Semper Tyrannis” but the Second Amendment group did not approve of it. It was pulled down a few minutes later and was not part of the planned rally.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is pushing universal background checks in our state, and if left unchecked, it will not be long until we see bills like this getting traction in Austin. Texas is embarrassingly ranked 29th for gun rights, and with the help of the political elites in Austin, we will surely rank among New York, California, and Illinois if left to their own devices. Please join our fight today, and help us restore Texas' place as the standard for the U.S.

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