Lyft Terminates A Driver Who Defended Herself From Robbers Using A Firearm

Lyft suspended a driver who used a legally-owned firearm to fight off attackers attempting to carjack her. The company has an anti-gun policy that prohibits drivers from carrying firearms to work.

Cynthia Norman said she picked the two passengers described as young men in their 20s from an apartment in Nottingham Neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, at 1 a.m. on Sunday.

She drove them to their destination at NEO Sports Plant before discovering that it was a closed facility, thus realizing that she had fallen into a trap. The taxi driver said the two men then started attacking, forcing her to act in self-defense.

“I had to fight with these two men. I had one choking me from the back,” she told 19 News reporters.

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One of the suspects broke Lyft’s COVID-19 guidelines and sat in the front seat. He started punching her in the face while his accomplice started choking her. Norman pulled her registered firearm and started shooting, forcing the suspects to flee on foot.

They also left the mobile phone they had snatched from her during the incident. She reported the incident to the 5th District Police station. The media outlet said that the suspects would face attempted kidnapping and attempted aggravated robbery charges.

The most appalling thing is that the driver lost her supplemental income because she violated the company’s firearm policy by defending herself using a gun. It seems that the unfavorable company safety policy forced her to choose between her job and her safety.

Apparently, the company prioritizes a political policy instead of its employees’ safety. Drivers working at night can only hope that they do not find themselves in similar circumstances as Norman did. Reports from the news outlet say that Lyft stands by its decision to suspend the driver.

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