Mad Mommies: We're Not Anti-Gun. We Swear!

Anti-gunners are a funny group of people. Most of them will swear that despite their calls for the most egregious gun control laws ever conceived, they somehow still support the right to bear arms. During an interview with CBS' Major Gerrett, Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts said that it was a “misnomer” that many consider the organization to be anti-gun.

"Often people think that because we're doing this work, we're anti-gun or we don't support the Second Amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth," Watts said. She then indicated that the organization supports an “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks, and red flag laws.

When asked about the “assault weapons” ban, Watts said that while the top priorities for her organization are background checks, red flag laws, and disarming domestic abusers, they also do advocate for the bans. She said, “We have in some municipalities like Boulder and Pittsburgh helped those mayors pass assault weapons ban. We also work on high capacity magazines, to limit the size of those,” she added.

She, however, came short of endorsing the mandatory buyback by describing it in a general way. Garret asked her what she would say to those opposed to the mandatory buyback.

“For those in my audience who hear what you just said, describing in a general way a mandatory federal assault weapon buyback as an innovative idea … what would you say?” Garret asked.

“That’s an issue that we haven’t taken a position on,” she said clearly trying to circumvent the question.

Ms. Watts also claimed that carrying a gun was against the American culture terming open carry as “culturally unacceptable” and extremely dangerous. This is despite gun ownership being one of the defining pillars of American patriotism, as well as being a natural right protected by the constitution.

Throughout the whole interview, there was no point where she was able to articulate an ounce of support for even the privilege to keep and bear arms. During the remaining part of the interview, she spent time explaining how men were the biggest problem in passing any meaningful legislation, because reasons.

If people like Ms. Watts had their way, exactly what would we be left with? Surely after seeing that homicides would not decrease after all of these laws taking effect would have her organization move to handguns, bolt-action rifles, and eventually, full confiscation. This shows they hypocrisy of Ms. Watts and her organization.

Make no mistake about it; anti-gunners like Mom's Demand Action do want to disarm us, and their friends in political office are seeking to help them. Join LSGR today and help us fight against these anti-gun organizations, and political elitists that seek to make us mere subjects of our government. We have the right to bear arms, not the privilege. Sign our petition against gun control, and help us stop more infringements!

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