Maj Toure: 'Gun Control is About People Control!'

Speaking to the Daily Signal Podcast, the founder of the Black Guns Matter said, “Gun control was about people control, and not about making people safer.”

Maj Toure, explained how many people find themselves in trouble, despite having not committed any crimes with their firearms, but because of failing to fill out some obscure paperwork relating to a legally purchased firearm. He explained how the unnecessary process has turned law-abiding citizens into felons.

In other instances, Toure explained how owning a gun was no different from owning a knife. “… If I have a butter knife on me, I don’t go to jail. If I stab somebody, I go to jail.”

Toure also explained how the Left has convinced urban America that gun ownership was not for them. The Black Guns Matters founder explained how the Left has convinced the people that they do not have the rights to defend themselves. He added that gun control was based on misinformation and misleading the public.

Speaking to the Breaker Magazine on the phone, Toure pointed out the hypocrisy of the people calling for a ban on firearms, “… If you talk about the people in America who are championing that, these are the same people who have armed security.”

The misinformation related to gun control is the reason why Toure started the organization in 2015. The Black Guns Matter organization seeks to educate the urban community on the Second Amendment and gun ownership.

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