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Man Arrested For Selling 3D Printed AR15 Auto Sears

Americans in most states can legally make firearms at home for personal use. However, the manufacture of some controlled firearms or components is illegal even if their blueprints are not. Gunsmithing is a vital skill if citizens were to rise against an oppressive government. We believe that Americans should even be able to own and manufacture machineguns.

While some individuals abuse this privilege, it doesn’t give the government the right to violate the law-abiding citizens’ 2A rights. Now the FBI detained a man who illegally made controlled firearm components and sold them not so secretly to controversial individuals.

A West Virginia man was arrested for making 3-D printed gun components and allegedly selling them to extremists. Timothy Watson is accused of making over 600 3-D printed gun parts for converting ordinary AR-15s to fully automatic machineguns. He then sold the illegal components through his website while passing them as wall hooks.

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However, removing the extraneous bracket from Watson’s “wall hook” converted it into a "drop-in auto sear.” The suspected delivered the illegal components across 46 states, according to the FBI.

The FBI claims that Watson’s customers included members of the Boogaloo Bois movement and other anti-government groups. One suspected buyer was Steven Carrillo, a Californian man accused of shooting Santa Cruz officers and Oakland court guards.

Watson put a lot of effort into concealing his objectives, although selling prohibited components online isn’t such a bright idea. However, his customers made suggestive comments that implied hidden motives.

“I don’t mind seeing redcoats lying on the floor, but prefer to leave em properly hanging #twitchygurglythings," a follower named booglordinc responded.

A drop-in auto sear is considered an automatic firearm and banned unless its production date is not later than 1986. It is a simple component that could be made from plastic because it does not receive the blasting forces of the firearm. It relies on simple mechanical functions to engage the gun’s firing pin without involving the trigger. Using the device to modify an AR-15 takes less than 10 minutes.

Incidents like this will only inspire anti-gunners to pass more restrictive laws to violate the 2A rights of law-abiding citizens. However, criminals cannot be deterred by such laws and will deliberately ignore them. Even if the DIY kits and blueprints were made illegal, criminals would still find ways to acquire them.


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