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Man Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Planning Violence At Lobby Day Gun Rights Rally In Virginia

A man who was among the trio arrested by the FBI ahead of the Virginia Lobby Day gun rights rally early this year pleaded guilty to two felony charges.

William G. Bilbrough IV, 20, was accused, alongside Canadian Patrik J. Mathews, 28, and Brian M. Lemley Jr., 34, Maryland, of plotting to kill people to start a “race war” that would escalate into a “full-blown civil war.” The three were believed to belong to the “Boogaloo” movement.

The 20-year-old Marylander was facing five felony charges of harboring a Canadian who entered the country illegally. Bilbrough pleaded guilty to two charges out of five for a five-year prison sentence that the prosecution and the defense agreed was appropriate for his actions.

Bilbrough defense attorney, Megan E. Coleman, told U.S. District Judge Theodore D. Chuang that his client did not wish to speak to address him.

“He just asked me to represent to the court that he does take this case very seriously and that he is going to do his best to prove to the court that he understands the seriousness of his actions,” Coleman said.

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Bilbrough was 19 at the time of his arrest. One of his defense attorneys described him as a young man fascinated by his more experienced accomplices, who he was spending time with.

In January this year, Robert Bonsib said that the 20-year-old was passionate about going to Ukraine to fight against Russian aggression. Bonsib said that Bilbrough was a knucklehead instead of a terrorist.

His co-defendants face more serious accusations, including weapon charges. Lemley would also answer to harboring an alien intending to cause violence charges.

Court documents explain how Lemley planned ambush attacks in which he would use a thermal imaging scope attached to his rifle to claim his first victim.

While we do not support violence, the arrest of the trio gave anti-gunners an excuse to impose restrictions on the Lobby Day Rally citing the threat of violence.

Democrats in Virginia misinformed the public that the protest was a white supremacist rally, hoping to dissuade potential participants from attending the march in anticipation of race-related violence.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency citing “a threat of armed militia groups storming our capital.” He also warned of “what has been seen before major incidents, such as Charlottesville in 2017.”

However, the rally attracted Americans of all races who stood united against Virginia’s anti-gun laws.


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