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Michigan Autoworker Who Confronted The Former Vice President Says Biden “Went Off The Deep End”

Jerry Wayne, the Detroit Fiat Chrysler factory worker who confronted the former vice president, Joe Biden, said the presidential contender “went off the deep end” during the exchange in which the former vice president told him he was “full of sh*t” as well as a “horse’s a**.” Wayne said that Biden should have toned it down a bit.

“He could have easily said, ‘I’m not taking questions,’ and I would have very respectfully walked away. But he wanted to listen to my question, and I don’t think that he was ready for it,” Wayne said during a Fox & Friends interview.

The factory worker added that he was extremely respectful and did not try to provoke Biden. He however allowed Biden to dig a hole for himself in the fiery exchange.

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“I thought I was pretty articulate and respectful. I didn’t try to raise any feathers, and he kind of just went off the deep end,” the autoworker added. “I saw that he was digging a hole, and I just kind of let him talk for a while to dig the hole.”

Wayne said that although Biden had the right to respond in the manner he did, he needed to observe more decency as a former vice president and a presidential contender. Wayne said Biden’s inability to understand his position should deny him the opportunity to become the president.

The autoworker added noted that it was worrying that a presidential candidate intended to take people’s ability to defend themselves.

"It was a little bit disturbing to see that a politician wants to take away my right to defend myself," Wayne added. “This is a right that we need to protect with our heart and soul. It’s not to be infringed.”


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