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Michigan Rep Seeks to Hold Gun-Free Zones Responsible

A Republican Representative in Michigan has introduced a bill that seeks to hold government, businesses, and individuals liable for any shootings that occur in their gun-free zones. The bill, HB 4976, seeks to remove immunity from lawsuits arising from gun-related injuries sustained from shootings in gun-free zones.

If the bill passes, any individual who declares premises as gun-free zones would be responsible for any gun-related injuries that take place in such areas. Therefore, such individuals would essentially be responsible for hiring armed security to ensure that no shootings take place in such areas.

State Rep. Gary Eisen, who sponsored the bill, said that individuals and organizations who declare gun-free zones promise that the venues would be safe which always turns out to be false. He indicated that 98% of mass shootings take place in gun-free zones. The legislator compared the gun-free zones to killing grounds.

Rep. Eisen is a Republican St. Clair Township Representative and works as a firearm instructor. He had earlier introduced House Bills 4200 and 4201 seeking to reduce the penalty for people with concealed carry permits who possess a firearm in no-carry zones.

Under current Michigan law, concealed carry license holders who violate the no carry zones face a $500 fine and have their licenses suspended for six months. Second offenders face $1000 in fines, and could have their license revoked. A third-time violation is a felony charge, which receives a fine of $5,000 and up to four years in prison.

Eisen said that the punishment for such minor infractions did not make sense. No gun control advocates have commented on the new bill seeking to hold them responsible for gun-related incidents taking place in their declared gun-free zones.

LSGR is actively fighting against tyrants within our own State Government, and pushing hard to get Constitutional Carry to become law. We are also pushing similar legislation to allow for civil liability against gun-free zones should an injury occur. Sign our petition against gun control, and join LSGR's fight today! We will never compromise our principles, and we will never forget we are fighting for our rights.

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