New Hampshire Gov. Sununu Cancels Outdoor Inauguration Ceremony Over Armed Protesters

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu announced a change of plans for his January 7 inauguration ceremony, citing public safety concerns over armed protesters.

“For weeks, armed protesters have increasingly become more aggressive, targeting my family, protesting outside my private residence, and trespassing on my property — an outdoor public ceremony simply brings too much risk,” Sununu’s statement read. “We do not make this decision lightly but it is the right thing to do.”

Governor Sununu won the gubernatorial race in November after gathering 65.1% of all votes cast. He ran against Democratic challenger Dan Feltes, who sponsored most of the anti-gun bills that Gov. Sununu vetoed.

The new announcement clarified that Gov. Sununu’s swearing-in ceremony will feature a small private event that will be streamed online. The governor will later deliver an inauguration speech at 7 p.m.

The event was previously expected to take place on the steps of State House after relocating from the Representatives Hall, following concerns over COVID-19 transmission.

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Gov. Sununu expanded gun rights in New Hampshire during his four-year tenure by signing the concealed carry bill into law.

He also vetoed House Bill 687, which attempted to introduce the Red Flag laws, House Bill 109 seeking to prohibit private transfer firearms, House Bill 514 introducing a three-day waiting period, and House Bill 564 prohibiting firearms within schools.

New Hampshire House Democrats failed after trying to override Gov. Sununu’s veto on HB 109, HB 514, and HB 564 in Sept. 2019.

However, his November 2020 statewide mask mandate did not sit well with a section of residents, who resorted to armed protests.

Meanwhile, the Newfields selectboard, which includes the governor’s brother, Michael Sununu passed a resolution on Dec. 22 banning residential picketing.

However, a group of protesters defied the order and gathered near the governor’s home on Monday, Dec. 28, 2020, leading to the arrest of ten participants. Nine protesters received a $100 fine each while the police charged the remaining protester with trespassing.

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