New York City Approves Only 14% Of Gun Permit Applications

The New York Police Department could be deliberately failing to keep up with gun permit applications, approving about one in every nine requests. Almost 9,000 New Yorkers applied for the government’s permission to defend themselves but only less than 1,100 were granted their rights, according to the New York Post.

Handgun and rifle applications tripled since the coronavirus restrictions took effect on March 22. About 8,022 applications were made during this period compared to 2,562 requests received between March 22 and Dec 31, 2019.

Surprisingly, the NYPD approved just 1,087 applications compared to 1,778 during the same period last year. This translates to an approval rate of just about 14% compared to almost 70% in 2019.

Shootings also spiked by close to 98% during the stay-at-home period, forcing many New Yorkers to reconsider their opinion about self-defense.

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The current situation proves that preventing people from legally owning firearms does not reduce crime when the underlying causes are not addressed. Currently, COVID-19 is blamed for the rise in crime although the Black Lives Matter riots also contributed significantly to the unfortunate situation.

Many gun store owners expressed their customers’ complaints after their applications were held indefinitely by the NYPD Firearms Licensing Division which is allegedly plagued by corruption.

Quoting anonymous sources, the New York Post says that despite being understaffed, the division was reluctant to process the firearm applications.

“The politicians are generally against giving licenses, to begin with, so it’s not a priority,” the NY Post’s confidential source said.

The numbers of New Yorkers requiring firearm permits are actually higher than reported. Most choose to avoid taking part in an exercise of futility because the chances of an application succeeding are slim. If the NYPD Licensing Division cleared the backlogs, many NYC residents would apply, pushing the figures even higher.

However, the politicians and bureaucrats in The Big Apple have no interest in allowing the residents to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The state even overcomplicates the process and gives the licensing officers the authority to approve or deny the applications at will. This is the primary reason why some corrupt officials are more likely to exploit the process to enrich themselves at the expense of public safety.

Such practices deny residents who can’t afford the over-complicated licensing demands or the hefty bribes their right to defend themselves. Gun rights groups have already filed the Greco v. City of New York lawsuit, challenging NYC’s draconian gun laws.

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