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New York Democrats Introduce Voluntary Gun Rights Waiver Bill A11121

Citizens will have the right to give up their gun rights by registering themselves into a prohibited list courtesy of a bill introduced by Democrats. The bill sponsors say that the proposal is a response to gun violence, especially suicides.

Amy Paulin, D-Scarsdale, Fred Abinanti, Inez Dickens, Jeffrey Dinowitz, Patricia Fahy, Rebecca Seawright, Richard Gottfried, and Steve Englebright sponsored Bill A11121 giving New York State police the right to maintain such a registry.

"New York state should enact this bill to create a registry that will allow people the opportunity to voluntarily take steps to protect themselves from themselves. Creating an option for people to ban themselves from purchasing firearms, rifles, and shotguns has the potential to save them from hurting themselves and from hurting others," Paulin wrote.

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The police will demand a photo identification and filling of a form for residents to give up their gun rights. Applicants will also submit an alternative person to contact if one chooses to revoke the waiver, which is only allowed after 21 days. Authorities should not require a waiver as a condition for employment, benefits, or services.

Paulin, the bill's primary sponsor, says that it would introduce a "self-imposed pause" similar to the handgun waiting period.

"A registry of individuals who voluntarily waive their rights to purchase firearms, rifles, and shotguns can have an impact on all these sobering statistics," Paulin wrote.

Other gun-controlled states such as Washington and Virginia have similar laws, while Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin introduced similar measures.

The Democrats claim that the records would be confidential and only used for preventing gun purchases. However, data is a major concern, and assuring the anonymity of such information is a stretch of their imagination. There are a million ways to circumvent data privacy controls, the reason why gun rights groups fight against the creation of any forms of gun registries.

Similarly, the measure is only as good as it sounds on paper but hardly of tangible consequence in the real world. Since criminals won't register themselves in the database and have their rights to purchase firearms revoked, only people least likely to commit crimes would do so.

Additionally, suicidal people are wont register themselves for the same reasons that they don't seek help. These reasons include confidentiality, social judgment, and the fact that depression makes people helpless against themselves, among other factors. If Democrats wish to help depressed people, they should support proposals that address the underlying causes of depression.

The Democrats also want to convince people that guns force people to commit suicide, the same way they blame guns for crimes. Gun-controlled countries such as Belgium, Lithuania, and South Korea have very high suicide rates, hardly using guns to end their lives.

Factually, categorizing suicides committed using guns as "gun violence" is absurd because the cause of such fatalities is "suicide" or "depression" and not firearms. A firearm is just a tool, the same way a suicidal person could swallow pills, use a knife to slit their arms, or jump in front of a moving train.


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