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NFAC Leader Facing a 20-year Sentence after Brandishing A Firearm at Officers

The Not F*cking Around Coalition (NFAC) leader John Fitzgerald Johnson aka “Grandmaster Jay” is facing a 20-year prison sentence for pointing a firearm at federal agents.

Federally deputized Task Officers (TFOs) and Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) officers ascended to the Jefferson Grand Jury Building roof to monitor the area around Jefferson Square Park.

LMPD Major Gregory had informed Johnson of plans to watch the group’s protests from rooftops. Major Gregory also warned the NFAC leader that pointing guns at officers would be considered a threat.

However, the officers monitoring the protests were “blinded by a light which they shortly thereafter, determined was a flashlight mounted to the rifle being aimed at them by Johnson,” the federal complaint states.

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The previous federal prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman said that Johnson’s arrest was related to dangerous conduct of the defendant and was not related to the second amendment rights of the protesters.

“Here in Kentucky we revere our First and Second Amendment freedoms, not foolishness which puts police and protesters at grave risk,” Coleman explained.

Johnson defended himself, saying that he just wanted to verify the safety of everyone. His supporters said that he always observed the laws by obtaining the necessary permits and notices before proceeding with peaceful protests. He also claims that his arrest was to financially bankrupt him because the case will be eventually thrown out.

The case also included reports received from anonymous tipsters about Johnson making terroristic threats against officers on YouTube. He urged people to join him and attack Minneapolis officers, then remove their body cameras to conceal evidence, after the death of George Floyd.

Johnson also said that “the only way to stop police violence is to identify and locate the homes of police, burn the houses to the ground, kill the officer, their family members, and associates.”

He also warned NFAC members against working with the police threatening to kill them, according to an affidavit in support of the criminal complaint.

Johnson has the right to own firearms, but his alleged conduct is inconsistent with the second amendment rights. It also seems that he’s also been making poor decisions all along that could eventually put him away for a very long time.


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