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Nine BLM Protesters Confronted by the McCloskeys Receive Trespass Citations

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has issued nine trespass citations against the Black Lives Matter protesters. The protesters were among the group that illegally entered the McCloskeys' compound during the infamous confrontation. The department said the citations were made after two months' worth of investigations.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey confronted the protesters when they allegedly marched into their private compound and threatened them. The two continue to face felony charges for pointing their firearm towards the protesters.

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The citations which remain sealed have been handed to the city counselor's office to determine whether to file formal charges against the individuals. If found guilty, they could spend 90 days behind bars, probation, or a fine of $500. Additionally, their conviction would be a determining factor in the McCloskeys' case.

"It's now incumbent on the city counselor to decide whether or not to charge these people," City Counselor Julian Bush told the NPR.

He added that his office has about two weeks to determine if a conviction could be made, a probable cause exists, or if the prosecution would be in the "broader interest of the community."

McCloskeys insist that some of the protesters were armed and threatened them. The two also alleged that the mob broke through their gate to gain access to the private property.

The couple appeared on the Republican National Convention, where they warned that other Americans could face similar victimization for legally defending themselves and their property.

The police department did not disclose the criteria used to identify the nine individuals, who were among a group of about 300 protesters. they also did not disclose the actual charges except that they were related to trespassing.

The marchers, Ohun Ashe, confirmed that she received sermons to appear in court for trespassing.

"I was just sent a summons to appear in court for 'trespassing on private property' on Portland Pl, aka the street Patricia and Mark McCloskey live on," she tweeted.

She complained that the department was more concerned about her trespass while she had a gun waved in her face.


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