No Federal Tax for NFA Items Under Joe Biden - A Ridiculous PolitiFact Fact Check Claims

A ridiculous PolitiFact Fact Check says that gun owners wouldn't have to pay a $200 federal tax for each "assault weapon" or "high capacity" magazine under Joe Biden's administration.

The ridiculous fact check emerged after a Texas-based tactical apparel company, ReLEntless Defender Apparel, posted a worksheet for calculating the total tax owed by NFA items' owners. The post was flagged because of PolitiFact's check that labeled the post as inaccurate.

"Under Biden's plan, all semi-automatic firearms and 11+ round magazines will be registered under the NFA," ReLEntless Defender Apparel posted. "Each item requires a $200 tax to register. The total above is how much you will be charged to keep firearms and accessories you already own."

Politifact responded by saying that "assault weapons" and "high capacity" magazine owners would not have to pay a federal tax on regulated items.

"The Facebook post makes it seem like Biden's gun policy would require all Americans who own semi-automatic firearms and high-capacity magazines to pay tax on them. But that's not necessarily the case," PolitiFact says.

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The rogue fact-checker then switches gears and says that the post is "partially true," but "it is unclear" whether the owners would have to pay for each item or pay any tax at all for the regulated items.

"However, it's ultimately unclear whether that tax would apply to all semi-automatic firearms if it would be charged per unit or if existing gun-owners would be charged anything at all."

Firstly, the NFA is very clear that every gun owner must pay a $200 tax for each regulated item. Even PolitiFact acknowledges that the "existing law includes a $200 tax." The Giffords Law Center's article that Biden's gun policy refers to also recognizes this fact.

"Individuals MUST also pay a $200 transfer tax, an amount that has not changed since the NFA was established in 1934."

Secondly, Biden is clear on forcing gun owners to register their firearms under the NFA – which PolitiFact acknowledges.

"He has proposed applying an existing federal law on machine guns to assault weapons — which can include semi-automatic firearms — and high-capacity magazines," PolitiFact says.

Biden's gun policy says, "As president, Biden will pursue legislation to regulate [the] possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act."

Nowhere in Biden's gun policy does he propose amending the NFA to scrap the $200 tax.

Lastly, "assault weapons" is an arbitrary term that refers to any semi-automatic firearms based upon the anti-gun authorities' political, subjective determination.

The categorization does not depend on the capability of the firearms. The list of "assault weapons" keeps growing, and common firearms are added to the list arbitrarily.

For example, California designated any firearm they couldn't describe (not a rifle, pistol, or shotgun) as an "assault weapon."

There is no controversy that the $200 NFA would be imposed on each semi-auto designated as an "assault weapon." The tax would also be due on each "high capacity" magazine under Biden's administration. Even worse, more common firearms would be added to the list given Democrats' and ATF's attempt to designate almost every firearm as an "assault weapon."

It's ridiculous that PolitiFact would claim that "it is unclear" whether a federal tax would be "charged per item" or even "charged at all." With elections just hour's away, this is a last-minute effort by the Left to misinform voters.

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