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Number of 2A Sanctuary Counties Grows in Texas

Parker County, Texas has joined the list of second amendment sanctuary counties as the county commissioners’ court approved the decision. The county gained its new status after a unanimous vote of 5-0 by the four county commissioners and the judge.

The Republican contender for the 12th Congressional District, Chris Putnam, supported the decision. In a celebratory remark, Chris called Democratic gun confiscators to the challenge, “Good luck ‘coming for the guns’ in Parker County, Beto.”

The decision to become a second amendment sanctuary was in support of the Parker County sheriff, Larry Fowler, who had declared his decision not to enforce gun control measures within the county. George Conly introduced the bill while Larry Walden, a Precinct 3 commissioner seconded him.

The resolution stated that no court in the county would allocate any government resources to enforce any unconstitutional law that seeks to infringe the right of citizens to bear arms. This includes any form of funding, human resources or physical assets such as government cars and buildings.

The commissioners indicated that the threats of firearm confiscation by some Democratic politicians had influenced the decision to become second amendment sanctuary. Democratic Presidential contestants have been trying to outdo each other on gun confiscation with the majority supporting the idea.

Parker County joins the list of other second amendment sanctuary counties such as Roane, Loudon, Monroe, Sevier Co, Jefferson, Hood, Hudspeth, Presidio County, and Blount. Smith, Jeff Davis, and Kaufman counties are also preparing to join the list. Smith and Kaufman Counties have already drafted the resolution and are awaiting a vote before it becomes official.

Texas has been witnessing a rise in second amendment sanctuaries over the past few months with most of the second amendment sanctuaries adopting resolutions similar to those in their neighboring counties.

While this is fantastic news, we have a lot of work left to do. Texas is still ripe with gun control, and we still lack constitutional carry. There is a reason we are ranked 29th for gun rights. Join LSGR today and help us fight to get Texas to number 1 where we belong! Sign our petition, and make sure your voice is heard in Austin. Together we will make Texas pro-gun again.

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