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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Hints Of A Looming Veto On The "Stand Your Ground" Bill

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine gave out the strongest indications yet that he is likely to veto the “Stand Your Ground” bill passed in Senate on December 18, 2020.

Gov. DeWine signed six bills presented at his desk but ignored Senate Bill 175 that would guarantee the rights of Ohioans to defend themselves wherever they are legally allowed to be in or any public places.

He also avoided any queries on SB 175, raising suspicions about his true intentions. An abortion bill simultaneously passed in the legislature also received a cold shoulder from the governor.

Despite his delay, Gov. DeWine has ten days, excluding weekends and holidays, to approve or veto the bill. If he fails to act on the proposals, they would automatically become the law. Similarly, if the Ohio governor trashed the bills, the legislature could override the veto through a 60% supermajority.

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However, Gov. DeWine is crafty in circumventing veto override votes even on issues attracting supermajorities in the Republican-dominated legislature. Consequently, most of his vetoes are upheld.

DeWine initially said that the legislators should concentrate on his “Strong Ohio” controversial bills that he believes would make Ohio safe.

"Before the legislature took up other gun bills, they really should focus on what we have sent them, where we know there are things that will protect children, protect families," DeWine earlier said. "The legislature can act on these, and unfortunately they did not do so."

Gov. DeWine’s proposals would undermine the Second Amendment rights of Ohioans by imposing background checks on private sales which only account for about 0.5% of firearms used in crimes. Contrarily, 90% of weapons used in crimes are obtained from the black market, out of reach of the proposed background checks.

Republican legislators in Ohio believe that the weakening of the law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights, as proposed by DeWine’s proposals, far outweighs the negligible public safety gains that could be achieved from having such laws.


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