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Ohio Legislators To Pass "Stand Your Ground" Bill But Gov. Mike DeWine Likely To Veto

Legislators in Ohio are expected to pass a "Stand Your Ground" law allowing gun owners to use their firearms for self-defense in public places. Without such a law, armed citizens have the responsibility to retreat from armed attackers or face legal problems for using legally-owned firearms in self-defense.

Rep. Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) sponsored House Bill 796, which is ready for a vote any time soon, while Senate Bill 383 has cleared the Senate committee.

"My right to defend myself from serious bodily harm or death should be extended to anywhere I am lawfully allowed to be," Koehler said.

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However, anti-gunners, including Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley and Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl, are already up in arms urging Ohio governor Mike DeWine to veto the proposal if it reaches his desk.

The police chief claims that having a "Stand Your Ground" law would complicate police officers' duty and encourage Ohioans to use deadly force, leading to "vigilantism." DeWine has already cast doubts on whether he would sign the bill.

Buckeye Firearms Association director Dean Rieck said that it was cruel and absurd to expect victims to delay their self-defense and put their lives in more danger under the current law that requires the victims to retreat in the face of danger.

"Ohio's Duty to Retreat law is an injustice to victims of crime and an outrageous legal requirement," Rieck said.

Meanwhile, the Republican-dominated House continues to ignore his "Strong Ohio" proposals. DeWine lost the support of both Republicans and Democrats after lumping a bipartisan proposal with other anti-2A measures.

Gov. DeWine insists that the bill must be approved as a single proposal. DeWine is playing politics by blackmailing legislators into accepting the anti-2A proposals alongside other GOP-endorsed measures such as tougher sentences for armed criminals. Gun control activists also rejected his proposals claiming that they didn't go far enough.


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