Ohio Paper Blasts Legislators Who Supported "Racist" Stand-Your-Ground Laws - Fails Terribly

An Ohio local paper took a jab at three local politicians who supported the “Stand Your Ground" law. The paper editor claims that the legislation would allow someone “with a gun who feels threatened can chase down and kill another person.”

The Sandusky Register adds that the recently passed law is “racist and will lead to the deaths of more Black people.” The 1822 founded paper targeted Sen. Theresa Gavarone and Reps. DJ Swearingen and Dick Stein for supporting the “racist laws.”

Editor and author Matt Westerhold mentions the deaths of Trayvon Martin in Florida and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia as proof that the “stand your ground” laws are responsible for the deaths of black people. Both states have the “stand your ground” laws.

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Unsurprisingly, anti-gunners are shameless in exploiting any unfortunate incident to push for more gun control regardless of how unrelated it is.

Contrary to Leftists' opinion, the stand your ground laws are more helpful to the minorities and allow them to defend themselves against targeted attacks.

According to the FBI homicide data quoted by researcher Howard Ross Nemerov, “There has been no significant increase in black justifiable homicide victims” as a result of states passing the “Stand Your Ground” laws.

The same research shows that Black Americans are more likely to justifiably use a firearm in self-defense. The research author points out that “Black defenders account for a higher percent[age] of all justifiable defenses.”

Revisiting Westerhold’s claims that SYG laws allow anyone who feels threatened to deliberately kill another person, CATO Institute’s Director for Constitutional studies Ilya Shapiro explained better.

These laws are not a license to be a vigilante, commit murder, or otherwise behave recklessly or negligently with firearms and other deadly weapons. They simply protect law-abiding citizens from having to leave a place where they’re allowed to be simply because criminals show up and threaten them.”

Shapiro also points out that the laws do not function on the “shoot first and ask questions later.” Additionally, every shooting incident goes through legal scrutiny, and many claims “get rejected by judges and juries regardless of whether the given state has a SYG law.”

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