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Opinions on Gun Ownership Unchanged Despite Latest Mass Shootings

Opinions of the majority of Americans have remained unchanged despite the latest incidents of mass shootings. The majority of Americans, especially men, still consider gun ownership as a priority.

In a study conducted by PBS NewsHour and NPR, 51% of men responded that they preferred to defend gun ownership while 44% said they preferred gun control. Eighty-nine percent claimed that mental health funding would alleviate most of the problems related to gun violence and 83% preferred background checks. This, unfortunately gives credence to the talking point that most Americans support some forms of gun control. It is important to note that we at LSGR believe that every gun law, including background checks are infringements on our natural rights. Furthermore, mental health is an incredibly dangerous talking point, as we have covered before (and will do so again).

The poll interviewed 1317 adults of whom 48% were men and 52% were women. Democrats and Republicans formed 33% and 28% respectively, while independents formed 38%. The Democrats overwhelmingly supported gun control over gun rights at 90%, while 69% of Republicans favored gun rights.

Similarly, most women supported gun control at 67%, while 28% supported gun rights. For men, 51% preferred the protection of gun rights compared to 44% who preferred gun control. The majority of men preferring gun rights creates an interesting picture considering that men are the majority of gun owners (at 62%) while women gun ownership stands at 22%.

The issue of extended background checks raises a major cause of disagreement considering that the currently existing NICS system has been ineffective. That is because any and all gun regulations only affect law-abiding gun owners because criminals never follow such rules. Criminals would still be able to buy guns in the black market, or make them in a garage. Gun laws only leave many people helpless against armed criminals.

These figures indicate that recent incidents of mass shootings has not influenced the opinions of Americans. Unfortunately, the left is a master at playing the emotional game of exploiting tragedies to their benefit. Their messaging and overwhelming control over social media platforms makes them a powerful enemy to our natural rights.

Join LSGR if you have not yet done so, and help us with our fight to restore our rights. We will never compromise our integrity or our principles, and we will never take you for granted.

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