Over 2 Million Firearms Sold In November 2020, Half A Million Between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday

Gun sales were high throughout the year but nobody thought they would go much higher. New estimates released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation shows that about 2 million firearms, or more, were sold in November 2020. Raw figures show that 3.6 million background checks were performed in the last month alone.

About 541,000 firearms were sold within a five-day window between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. The monthly numbers represent a 45% increase compared to November 2019, while the five-day window represents a 14% increase over the same period last year.

These figures show that Americans have developed a huge appetite for the Second Amendment similar to the good old juicy turkey.

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The reasons for increased gun purchases include self-defense, the fear of an anti-gun administration coming to power, and recreational activities such as shooting sports and hunting. Additionally, Black Friday could be a contributing factor.

Being closer to the festive season, it is likely that some purchases were associated with firearm gifts. In states where private transfers between family members are still allowed, firearm gifting is still a big deal.

Buying in advance makes perfect sense, given how shaky the gun retail business has been. There are many delays and shortages, and the days of completing an instant firearm purchase could be long behind us.

About 19 million guns were purchased since the beginning of the year, with about 7.5 million buyers being first-time gun owners. NSSF uses the background checks system to report the number of firearms.

However, the reported figures do not include states where gun owners could buy a firearm without background checks. Hence, the 2-million-figure could be an understatement.

An adjusted total of 1,949,141 checks were conducted in November 2020, compared to 1,342,155 in November 2019, which is a 45.2% increase. Raw figures were 3,602,296 and 2,545,863 for November 2020 and 2019 respectively, representing a 41.5% increase.

In total, about 474 million firearms are owned by Americans, 20 million being the AR-15 style firearms referred to as “assault weapons.” About 71.2 million “high capacity” pistol magazines holding more than 10 rounds are in existence while 79.2 rifle magazines holding over 30 rounds are legally owned.

Biden promised to impose a tax on “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines in a scheme that would cost law-abiding gun owners about $34 billion.

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