Parkland Dad Opposes Biden's Gun Control Agenda

President Biden used the third anniversary of the Parkland shooting to call for more gun control. Traditionally, Democrats exploit such unfortunate incidents to emotionally blackmail Americans into accepting the violation of their second amendment rights.

By convincing people that sacrificing their freedoms is for the greater good, many are willing to give up their rights. However, the people stripped of their rights are law-abiding citizens who are least likely to commit crimes.

Luckily, even some of the affected families do not believe that denying law-abiding Americans their constitutional rights is the solution to school safety. They make it known that even the victims believed in their second amendment rights.

Ryan Petty, a Parkland father whose daughter Alaina was killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, blasted Joe Biden’s gun control proposal.

“Mr. President, thank you for remembering the loved ones taken from us 3 years ago,” Mr. Petty tweeted. “Alaina loved this country and the freedoms it guarantees. Common sense tells us that honoring her life does not require infringement on the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

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He added that if Biden genuinely intended to secure our communities and schools, he would effectively utilize the secret service.

“Nothing in the President’s proposal will make our schools and communities safer,” Petty continued. “ If the President truly cares about protecting our nation’s schools & communities, he’ll talk to the @SecretService. The answer is literally standing in front of him.”

Mr. Petty rightly noted that the secret service and local law enforcement could have stopped the shooting if they did their job. It was a string of failures that claimed the victims' lives and not the gun used by the criminal.

Nikolas Jacob Cruz, the Parkland shooter exhibited signs of violent behavior but the authorities failed to act. The school administration tried to get him mental help instead of involving the authorities.

He even made terroristic threats of planning to kill "sh*t ton" of people, shoot up at a school, and mimick the University of Texas tower shooting, but local and federal authorities failed to take action. More than 45 calls were made to the Broward County Sheriff’s office but none was acted upon.

The FBI also received a tip from someone close to him but never acted. Similarly, the response team sent to confront the shooter sheltered behind their cars instead of trying to stop him.

Mr. Petty describes Alaina as a proponent of the second amendment rights. She used to accompany him to gun ranges and was passionate about shooting guns. Pushing gun control in the name of the victims with similar opinions as hers is disrespecting their wishes.

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