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Pelosi Hints at Possible Trump Gun Control Deal Amid Impeachment Calls

Nancy Pelosi has hinted of a possible solution with Donald Trump over gun control legislation. Pelosi said that the President had called her and told her that they were “getting closer” to a solution after the pair had discussed gun control over the phone.

The remarks indicated that Trump was still considering yet another infringement on the Second Amendment. The renewed interest in striking a deal with Democrats might have been a result of the renewed calls for impeachment (though then-citizen Trump did write about his support for gun control in his book The America We Deserve published in 2000). This follows allegations of President Trump pressuring Ukrainian President to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Most Democrats have considered the allegations as possible grounds for impeachment.

Pelosi, along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, had threatened the White House incumbent that any solution that did not include the House-passed Bipartisan Background Checks Act was not acceptable. Democrats had promised for a “historic signing” ceremony at Rose garden, in a move seen as attempts to appeal to Trump's ego.

Trump's administration had been circulating a proposal that sought to "compromise" on the introduction of background checks. The legislation had neither received any official endorsement from the Republicans nor Trump himself. There were reports, however, that Attorney General William Barr had been trying to push Republicans to accept the proposal.

Sen. Pat Toomey had indicated that Barr had drafted the proposal, but that it was not the official position of the White House. Other Republicans were still evaluating the document and trying to find out if Trump would endorse it. The Republicans had not shared the proposal with the Democrats or the public, thus raising suspicions about the contents. Republican legislators have all declined to identify those behind the drafting of the document.

With Trump hinting of a possible deal with Democrats, it is still likely that negotiations on the proposal have still been taking place under the blessing of Trump who has a long history of infringing on the Second Amendment. To name a few, there was the aforementioned passage in his book, his 2017 signing of the omnibus package (which included the Fix NICS Act), his "take the guns first" comments from 2018, his January 2019 comments suggesting a ban on suppressors, his March 2019 unilateral ban on bump stocks, and now this.

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