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Poll: Less Than A Quarter Of Voters Want Joe Biden To Prioritize Gun Control

Joe Biden is under immense pressure from gun control groups to enact firearm regulations using executive action regardless of how unconstitutional it might be.

However, a recent Morning Consult/Politico poll showed that voters consider gun control as among the least important issues on Biden's list of priorities. Passing "legislation to restrict gun ownership" ranked 20th out of the 25 issues that the voters believe are a priority for the country.

Passing gun control legislation was a priority for just 23% of voters polled. Even among progressives, gun control appealed to just over a third (35%), while only one in ten (10%) Republicans wanted Biden to pass gun control laws within 100 days.

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The top three issues worrying most Democratic and Republican voters include controlling the spread of COVID-19, 69% (D-78%, R-57%), COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan, 67% (D-80%, R-51%), and COVID-19 relief legislation, 66% (D-78%, R-53%).

Republicans were split almost in half over the top 3 issues, which were all related to COVID-19. However, the survey shows that most GOP-voters (61%) preferred "stimulating economic recovery."

Similarly, about two-thirds (66%) of Democratic voters considered economic recovery as a priority. The issue ranked at position 4 overall. However, the most pressing issue for most Democratic voters (80%) was the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan.

Other issues moderately considered as priorities by voters were healthcare reform, 43% (D-55%, R-30%), rejoining WHO, 38% (D-59%, R-16%), and changing relationship with global allies, 38%, (D-53%, R-21%).

Gun control groups hardly care about the voters' concerns because they must keep the disarmament industrial complex running regardless of the most pressing issues. That's the reason they keep pushing for the violation of the constitution to force gun control, which is approved by less than a quarter of American voters.


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