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Proof That 'Good Guy with a Gun' is NOT a Myth

Many gun control groups have always refuted claims of a “good guy with a gun” preventing loss of life by using a gun.

This is despite evidence that some of the worst mass shootings took place after employees were forbidden from carrying any form of defensive weapons. This led to the relatives of the victims lamenting of the unnecessary deaths that occurred due to the anti-gun policy instituted right before the attack. For example, in a Twitter post, Andrew Pollack lamenting the unnecessary death of his daughter during the incident asserts that instant responders are better than first responders.

One good case of “good guy with a gun” is the Alabama McDonalds incident where an armed dad stopped a gunman in a shootout that left the gunman dead. The masked gunman had stormed the building opening fire before the armed dad engaged him in a fire exchange.

Another case involved a 71-year-old man, Samuel Williams who pulled his gun and stopped burglars who invaded an internet café in Florida 2012. Incidents of self-defense using a gun have been recorded even involving minors. For example, a 14-year-old boy saved himself and his siblings after an armed intruder broke into their home. After pointing the gun at the children, the 14 year old fired a gun injuring the intruder.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, guns are used 16-100% more often to protect life. This accounts to between 500,000 and 3 million incidents of gun use involving self-defense. According to statistics gathered by Reason Magazine, armed civilians intervening in a fire exchange with an armed criminal succeed in every 3 out of 4 encounters.

Despite all of this, elected officials are still trying to push gun control! Join LSGR today to help us fight against further infringements against our natural right to bear arms!

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