Prosecutors Uncover the Underbelly of Firearm Licensing Graft in Santa Clara - Indictments Made

Gun rights groups have, for years, sounded an alarm over illegal dealings taking place in most heavily gun-controlled localities. In such jurisdictions, official dish firearm permits on the quid-pro-quo basis. If you name a reasonable price, they’re willing to fast-track your application or extend the validity of the license. Luckily, the DA in Santa Clara confirmed those allegations after a multi-year investigation into the shady dealings.

Gun control laws in California demand anyone applying for a concealed carry license must be of good moral character and give an excellent reason why they need a firearm. Police chiefs and county sheriffs decide, based on their subjective judgment, who to award the highly coveted permit. Some officials use that power to make a quick dollar or two.

According to The Chronicle, prosecutors in Santa Clara issued three search warrants against Sheriff Laurie Smith’s office after receiving allegations of receiving campaign donations in exchange for the unobtainable concealed carry licenses. The DA seized now classified evidence from the sheriff’s office. Two weeks before, the DA issued warrants against two high-ranking supervisors working with the sheriff.

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After the execution of the warrants, the DA indicted “Santa Clara County Sheriff’s captain and three political supporters of Sheriff Laurie Smith,” according to San Jose Mercury News. The prosecutors say there was a pay-for-play scheme where campaign donations were given in exchange for concealed carry permits.

Although the sheriff escaped the dragnet, the investigation is still ongoing. Given the proximity of the individuals to the sheriff, it is highly unlikely that they were taking part in the alleged activities for their benefit. They probably were doing the bidding for their master, and the investigation will soon uncover the underbelly of concealed carry corruption taking place in the gun-controlled jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is pushing universal background checks in our state, and if left unchecked, it will not be long until we see bills like this getting traction in Austin. Texas is embarrassingly ranked 29th for gun rights, and with the help of the political elites in Austin, we will surely rank among New York, California, and Illinois if left to their own devices. Please join our fight today, and help us restore Texas' place as the standard for the U.S.

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