Remington Facing A Federal Investigation on Asset Transfer and Workers Contracts

Remington is facing a federal investigation regarding the sale of its assets and treatment of workers. An allegation claims that Remington's CEO Ken D’Arcy used another person as a proxy during the sale until the transfer was completed.

D’Arcy’s involvement became public when the proxy parted ways with the Roundhill Group after completing the asset transfer. D’Arcy is suspected of bidding on behalf of the company to regain control after the dissolution.

The investigation is also related to Remington’s decision to dishonor union contracts after the termination of 585 Ilion, New York, employees without severance, benefits, or vacation payments. The workers received termination notices between October 23 -25 by phone. The orders taking effect by October 26, and the employees would stop receiving their benefits by October 31.

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US Congressman Anthony Brindisi joined the workers in the fight for their rights. He wrote a letter to the National Labor Relations Board’s chairman, John F. Ring. Brandisi also held a press conference in solidarity with the terminated workers.

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, Brindisi also joined United Mine Workers Association’s picket. He said he would work with the unions to push for a federal investigation on Remington’s decision to unprocedurally terminate the workers and withhold their benefits.

“These hardworking men and women deserve to be treated with dignity, and they deserve the benefits they fought for,” Brindisi said. “Remington is trying to leave this community and these workers high and dry, but we aren’t going to let them. I am calling on the National Labor Relations Board to step in and investigate this issue.”

The National Labor Relations Board was already investigating the breach of the workers’ contracts.

The initial plan to sell the company to the Navajo Nation went up in smoke after the deal negotiators accused the company of withholding information. The potential buyers pulled out of the deal, leaving the company without a potential buyer a few days to the deadline.

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