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Rep. Chip Roy Defeats Gun Grabber Wendy Davis Despite An Early Lead

Republican Rep. Chip Roy beat his gun-grabber challenger Wendy Davis to secure Texas 21st Congressional District House seat. Rep Roy defeated Davis with over 6 percentage points to maintain the seat, which was highly coveted by the Democrats.

Initial results showed Davis leading by a substantial margin before Roy solidified his lead with a 52-45 margin. The Democratic challenger, however, maintained a solid 72-24 lead in her Travis County hometown. She also defeated Roy in his Hays County home turf by a 50-47 lead.

Davis, a renowned gun-grabber and pro-abortion activist, ran on an anti-gun agenda. Her campaign website said she supports a ban on "assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. She also promoted the enactment of universal background checks for all firearm transfers.

The Democrat benefitted from various abortion establishments such as Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List. She is also a puppet for Nancy Pelosi and a foot soldier for the radical Left’s agenda in Texas.

Wendy's filibuster against pro-life bills earned her national recognition. She tried to capitalize on the fame by running for the gubernatorial seat. She also tried to market herself as a supporter of Texas open carry. She later revealed her disdain of open carry after losing to Gov. Greg Abbott by over 20 points.

“It’s a position that haunts me,” she said regarding her hypocritical support for open carry.

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Wendy hoped to flip the primarily GOP district stretching from Northern San Antonio to Austin with some parts in Hill County. The seat remained a Republican stronghold for over three decades under Lamar Smith before Roy took over.

However, Roy won the seat in 2018 with a slim margin of three percentage points. This signaled the Democrats that it was up for grabs. The seat was part of Democrats' strategy to flip Texas house and enact gun control in the most gun-friendly state in the country. However, Wendy's failure to secure a victory was a huge blow to the Left’s takeover plan.

Most parts of Texas have weathered an assault by the anti-gun and Leftist groups. Organizations such as Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and its affiliates and Forward Majority poured millions to prop gun control candidates. Over $25 million was spent in the race by candidates from both sides. However, the state managed to remain Red despite concerted efforts by the Left to flit it Blue.

President Trump also won the Lone Star State with 6 percentage points despite speculations suggesting that he was likely to lose.


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