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Retired Police Association President Says Public Gun Registry Endangers Police Lives

The proposed gun registry bill introduced by Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee continued to receive widespread criticism.

The Bill proposes a publicly searchable gun registry, mental health evaluations (including evaluations for family members and close associates and testimonials to own modern sporting rifles), and firearm liability insurance. It also sets the minimum age for owning a firearm to 21 years.

While all these measures are unacceptable for constitutionally guaranteed freedom, the creation of a publicly accessible gun registry is most concerning. Traditionally, firearm registration is the first step towards gun confiscation.

The authorities want to know how many guns exist, where they’re stored, and who owns them for easier targeting.

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The President of the Retired Police Association of the State of New York Kevin Hassett also believes that a public gun registry puts police officers at risk.

"What good is it for someone who I may have arrested to finally find where I live, see how many guns I have? To what end?" Hassett told Fox News. "How does that stop illegal firearms? How does that stop shootings?"

Hassett adds that criminals would not register their firearms, thus wondering how a public gun registry would prevent shootings. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, most firearms used in crimes were stolen.

Similarly, 80% of the criminals did not possess any firearm but used one when committing the crime for which they were sentenced (pg.5). Thus, registering legally-owned guns is an exercise in futility.

A retired detective T.J. McDermott told Fox News that a public gun registry lets criminals “know exactly where to go to find the guns.” Certainly, knowing how they’re stored makes the break-in job easier because criminals know if the guns are easily accessible or available for self-defense.

Hassett also believes the HR 127 targets all law-abiding citizens and retired cops. He said that "retired cops don’t have partners or backup" and depend on themselves.

“This bill will go after all the lawful gun owners,” Hassett earlier said according to Washington Times. “If you are ever interested in robbing my house, you can look me up and know where my guns are stored.”

Ultimately, the person who complies with the unconstitutional anti-gun laws and exhaustively registers their firearms becomes the target.


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