Santa Fired After Reprimanding A Child Over A Nerf Gun

We've been treated to a sh*tshow of politically correct liberals virtue-signaling on issues related to the public safety. Such actions range from disarming cartoons, such as the "Looney Tunes" character Elmer Fudd, to suspending children and sending police over to their home over toy guns.

Now one Santa Claus working at the Harlem Irving Plaza Mall in Norridge, Illinois, broke a young boy’s heart after denying him a toy gun.

According to the boy's mother, Sabella DeCarlo, her son Michael was excited to see Santa for the first time, only to have his hopes shattered by a "woke" Santa who hated guns. The child requested a toy gun from the liberal Santa, who responded with a stern rebuke.

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"No, I ... nope. No guns," the Santa replied.

DeCarlo notified the politically correct Santa that Michael wanted a Nerf gun, to which he replied, "not even a Nerf gun."

He continued to reprimand the boy, saying that "if your dad wants to bring it to you, that's fine, but I can't bring it to you."

DeCarlo condemned the anti-gun Santa's actions for ruining her child's lifetime moment over his personal beliefs.

"My poor baby. This was the first year Michael was excited to go see Santa. It was supposed to be magical but instead I had to watch my sweet little boy fight back tears because Santa told him No because of his own personal beliefs," DeCarlo posted on Facebook.

The mother added that she had to think fast and come up with an excuse to convince the child that Santa was just a helper.

"I just wanted to console my baby and get him out of there, flipping out on Santa would have only made it worse," DeCarlo continued. "His Elfie is going to bring him a Nerf gun directly from the North Pole, from the real Santa, tonight."

The mall apologized for the unfortunate incident adding that the involved Santa no longer worked at the mall. He reportedly "felt crushed" and turned in his resignation after the incident. He may be gone, but his actions almost ruined the boy's childhood dream.

'The HIP and our third-party Santa company are distraught and deeply apologetic about the unfortunate incident which occurred at Santa set on December 6, as both parties strive for families and their children to have a happy holiday experience,' the statement said.

The mall also reported that the "real" Santa visited the boy and brought him a nerf gun.

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