SB Tactical says ATF’s accusations are an attempt to divide The 2A Community

We reached out to SB Tactical regarding ATF’s claims that the company was selling unapproved braces while falsely advertising them as “ATF Approved” and putting millions of Americans at risk of becoming felons. The bracemaker says that ATF was lying to the public and trying to divide the 2A community.

“SB Tactical says ATF’s accusations are an attempt to divide the 2A community and an effort to malign and reclassify products used by millions of law-abiding Americans. Contrary to ATF’s baseless accusations, SB Tactical has never and would never mislead its customers. SB tactical has been actively engaged in discussions with the ATF and DOJ for years and working tirelessly to encourage them to provide clear and public guidance regarding what constitutes a brace and the standards by which braces are measured.”

Factually, the DOJ had barred the ATF from regulating pistol braces until industry standards were set in collaboration with firearm industry stakeholders. However, the rogue agency circumvented DOJ’s restrictions by using its enforcement branch to issue the cease and desist letters.

SB Tactical also noted that that the ATF had reassured it that minor changes did not warrant a new submission for evaluation.

“Historically, the ATF communicated to SB Tactical on numerous occasions that as long as the technology of bifurcated flaps and Velcro didn’t change, there was no requirement to resubmit and obtain a new letter. ATF’s false and irrelevant statements are sadly consistent with an activist and lawless ATF that refuses to engage SB Tactical or manufacturers on the legal status of accessories used by millions of Americans. To date, the ATF has never asked SB Tactical to stop selling any Stabilizing Brace products."

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So, where does the truth lie in this fiasco? We saw the ATF warning SB Tactical from marketing the pistol braces as “ATF approved,” which the company did. The ATF also directs SB Tactical to submit the “unevaluated” braces for classification. SB Tactical submitted every brace, and two years down the line, the rogue ATF has never responded.

The ATF accuses SB Tactical of ignoring its guidance and misleading manufacturers and customers into dealing with an unregistered NFA item in the redacted letter.

“After chief counsel informed [redacted] that they may be selling and unregistered NFA ‘firearm’ their legal counsel [redacted] provided a response rejecting the ‘guidance.’ Rejecting this information [redacted] with SBA3 accessory was never submitted for classification,” the letter reads.

However, no legal action was taken against SB Tactical for selling an “unregistered NFA item,” as the ATF claimed in its redacted letter. SB Tactical also says it has never seen the letter, nor is it aware of the proceedings.

So why hasn’t the ATF acted on SB Tactical for flagrant violation? The reason is that the redacted letter was just a propaganda tool by the ATF to convince the 2A community that SB Tactical had, indeed, misled them.

SB Tactical is right by saying that the rogue agency wants to divide the 2A community so that when it starts cracking down on our constitutional rights, SB Tactical will become the scapegoat.

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