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School Board Maintains Fourth-Grader's BB Gun Suspension Record Despite State's New Law

Despite the incident influencing a Bill to deal with the online learning process invasion of privacy, a school board upheld the decision to suspend a fourth-grader and keep a permanent record for sighting a BB gun.

Louisiana's Jefferson Parish Public Schools declined to remove the permanent record of Ka'Mauri Harrison's suspension. Earlier, the school agreed to reduce the suspension to a three-day unexcused absence and a three-day suspension, much to Ka'Mauri's father's disappointment.

The incident originated from an online lesson when Ka'Mauri moved a BB gun when his younger brother tripped on the airgun, and the student moved it out of the way. Woodmere Elementary asserted that Ka'Mauri's room was an extension of the school and refused to purge the permanent record.

"My brother came in the room, and he tripped over the gun," the Ka'Mauri said. "I moved it ... and put it on the side of me."

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A Jefferson school board member Simeon Dickerson pestered Ka'Mauri's father, Nyron Harrison, asking him whether he knew how a BB gun appeared on the screen to an online teacher.

However, teachers were recorded making fun of the incident, proving that they knew that the object seen on the screen during the English online lesson was a BB gun instead of a real weapon.

"I know what a BB gun looks like. And you know what it resembles? A real gun. OK? It resembles a real gun," Dickerson said.

Harrison, the boy's father, was very happy when his son's predicament forced a change in the online learning policy.

"I'm trying to hold back tears because I'm so proud of my son," said Ka'Mauri's father, Nyron Harrison. "He doesn't understand the seriousness of what's going on right now, but he's making history, and I'm a very proud father right now."

However, the school's reaction is no surprise considering that the board allegedly resorted to harassing the family using the Child Protective Services when the family's attorney filed a lawsuit following the incident.


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