Sen. Warren: Let's End Gun Violence by Disarming the Poor!

Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren has proposed to increase taxes on guns and ammunition in order to "reduce gun violence." This tax hike would make it harder for the poor to acquire firearms, and thus disarm the poor. This, of course, comes from a party that claims to fight for the poor.

Currently, taxes for gun purchases stands at 10% for handguns and 11% for rifles and shotguns. If the proposal passes, the government would put a 30% tax hike on guns and a 50% increase in ammunition. The proposed tax increase would fall on the buyer and not the manufacturer.

In her defense, the communist Senator from Massachusetts claims that increases in taxes would reduce the number of new firearms as well as earn revenue for the federal government, presumably by magic with the help of unicorns.

Such an increase in tax, however, is only going to affect citizens of lower economic status, the demographics that the Democrats claim to represent. According to her proposal, Warren wants to reduce the number of firearms in people’s possession, which amounts to taking people’s guns. Another Democratic candidate named Francis had proposed a mandatory gun confiscation. The Democratic Party has always denied that it sought to take people's guns despite openly advocating for the same.

Warren had even agreed to restrict the sale of guns to allow only one purchase per month in order to prevent people from “bulking up” in times of crisis. The Democratic front-runner has also suggested extending the laws requiring gun sellers to report bulk sales.

The Democratic candidate has been pegged her campaign on gun control legislation and even promised to reduce gun violence by 80% within 8 years, again by utilizing the aforementioned communist unicorn magic. She has promised to take various executive actions to enforce gun control, which makes her sound like even more of a dictatorial candidate than before. With the campaigns gaining momentum, she has, therefore, stepped up her anti-gun rhetoric to improve her chances of becoming the Democratic candidate for the 2020 elections.

Make no mistake about it; Democrats want to disarm us and turn us into unarmed peasants. This is actually happening in a nation that was founded on the very notion that natural rights exist, and any government intruding on those rights is tyrannical. In such case as was carried out in 1775, We The People have the inalienable right to "alter or abolish it." An armed population makes enemies to liberty uneasy for the same reason an armed individual makes a criminal uneasy. We must defend our rights, and restore them to the way men like Jefferson and Madison intended!

It is urgent that you sign our petition and join LSGR today! Every single gun law is an infringement on our natural right to bear arms, and we will not stop fighting until each and every one of them is repealed. We will expose all enemies to liberty, regardless of which letter is next to their name. Together, we will take back our nation, and restore the foundation upon which it was built. We will make the 2nd Amendment "shall not be infringed" again.

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