Shannon Watts Demands That Credit Card Companies Stop Processing "Ghost Gun" Purchases

The bullying of the business community by gun control groups is a well-known fact. Since anti-gunners haven't completely gotten their way with unconstitutional laws, they wish to stop gun ownership by disrupting the firearm supply chain.

Anti-gunners have openly pressured businesses such as Walmart to stop firearm sales, intended to drive gun manufacturers out of business by repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and prevented banks from giving loans to gun-related businesses. Now the gun-grabbers want to force credit card companies to monitor transactions and block DIY gun kit purchases.

"With federal regulators falling well short of their obligations to the public, credit card companies have an opportunity -- and a responsibility -- to be part of the solution by refusing to process these dangerous and illegal sales," Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action anti-gun lobby wrote on Business Insider.

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The lying mom claims that "someone who would be legally prohibited from buying a gun is able to whip out their credit card and order one ("ghost gun") online as easily as they could order an air fryer from Amazon." We've heard that lie before, including one told by Obama claiming that children could easily buy guns compared to books.

Watts also claims that gun sellers have been selling firearm kits without serial numbers and background checks, contrary to federal laws.

"Despite the fact that federal law requires serial numbers and background checks for all firearms sold by commercial sellers, these so-called "ghost guns" are sold without either," Watts says. "Because they don't have serial numbers, they can't be traced by law enforcement, making them particularly dangerous."

Contrarily, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) unambiguously informed Polymer 80 that the submitted 80 percent receivers and other gun parts did not qualify as firearms.

Thus, they could be sold without serial numbers and background checks. Only later did the agency unilaterally, and based on non-public standards, decide that kits sold alongside other assembly tools were considered firearms.

Watts suggests that payment processors such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express should withdraw their services from websites selling Polymer80's gun kits. She says that if the credit card companies "block illegal ghost gun transactions, many manufacturers would likely find themselves out of business."

Watts also claims that "ghost guns are the fastest-growing gun safety threat in the United States." She claims that the ATF recovered 10,000 "ghost guns" in 2019, while the parent company, Everytown for Gun Safety, claims that 30% of illegal guns recovered from criminals in California were ghost guns. However, the list includes defaced guns, old guns manufactured before serialization requirements were enacted, and deliberately modified firearms.

Credit card companies blocking gun kit purchases would be another attempt by the big tech companies to de-platform Americans based on their political opinion. We've witnessed the same happening with social media giants closing accounts whose opinion they disagree with and online vendors refusing to sell merchandise having conservative messages.

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