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Shelley Luther is the Only Real Pro-Gun Candidate for Senate District 30

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

With the special election for Texas’ Senate District 30 around the corner on September 29, tensions are heating up. Shelley Luther, who gained recognition for her refusal to comply with the city of Dallas’s mandate to shutdown businesses, is in a tight race with Drew Springer.

Drew Springer is a state house representative for Texas’ 68th district. After incumbent senator Pat Fallon decided to vacate his seat and run for Texas’s 4th congressional district, an opening emerged for the Texas’ Senate District 30. Fallon has been a major booster for the Springer campaign and even confronted Luther at a conservative function for her refusal to blindly support Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s lockdown measure.

The grassroots has taken note of this and is rallying in support of Luther. Former State Representative Jonathan Stickland has been taking shots at Springer for never backing Constitutional Carry during his time in the Texas State Legislature. Springer was elected back in 2012 and has not even bothered to support, let alone sponsor Constitutional Carry during his time in office.

In a video promoted by Texas Gun Rights PAC that was released on September 22, Stickland confirmed Springer’s inaction on Constitutional carry by claiming to have gone to Springer’s office “over 12 different times” to get him to support the bill. In addition, Springer received a multitude of emails and petitions from his constituents calling on him to support Constitutional Carry. Not once did he support the bill. To add insult to injury, when the Houston Chronicle asked Springer in 2015 about whether he would support Constitutional Carry, he said was not sure if he would even vote for it. Stickland finished off the video, stating that “When Representative Springer had the chance, he let you down, he let us down, he let Constitutional Carry in Texas down.” In his view, Texans that “value the Second Amendment”, cannot vote for Drew Springer.

Now, that it’s politically convenient, Springer is coming out in favor of Constitution Carry despite having no track record of supporting it. On the other hand, Shelley Luther has automatically pledged to support Constitutional Carry should she be elected. As mentioned before, Luther became a champion of the conservative grassroots for her opposition to the lockdowns and immediately received endorsements from organizations such as Texas Gun Rights PAC.

For Constitutional Carry to actually pass, it will need dedicated advocates in the state legislature, not squishes or sell-outs. Springer may claim to be pro-Constitutional Carry now because it’s convenient, but his track record shows that he is no pro-Second Amendment champion.

Right now, Texas needs serious legislators who are ready to take on the political establishment by forcing roll call votes on controversial legislation such as Constitutional Carry. Compared to other states, Texas has decent gun laws but they still need work. Unfortunately, the political class in Austin has remained complacent about grassroot conservative’s demands and have done nothing to make Constitutional Carry the law of the land in the Lone Star State. This has to change. Luther’s decision to disobey Texas’ unconstitutional lockdown order demonstrates that she’s a fighter and has more courage than over 90% of the Texas State Legislature, which prefers to keep business as usual.

Passing Constitutional Carry in the 2021 legislative session will be no walk in the park. That’s why getting pro-Second Amendment champions elected is of the essence. Shelley Luther fits the bill and gun owners residing in Senate District 30 should not fall for establishment misinformation regarding her positions.

Luther is the only candidate in this race that the grassroots can count on to actually push a pro-Second Amendment agenda forward Any liberty-loving conservative should vote for Shelley Luther on September 29.


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