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Significant House Wins for pro-Second Amendment candidates, And A Huge Senate Loss

Gun rights experienced a significant boost with a couple of pro-Second Amendment candidates defeating their Democratic contenders for House seats in Colorado and New Hampshire.

Republican Lauren Boebert defeated Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District seat after a spirited campaign. Mitsch conceded after Boebert maintained a solid lead with over 90% of votes counted by Tuesday 7:20 am. The Democratic candidate bagged 45.6% of the votes, with no chance of catching up.

Mitsch conceded in a live Facebook broadcast where he thanked his voters.

“The voters have spoken. I did not get enough votes to win,” Mitsch said.

Boebert said she was delighted to be the first woman to win Colorado’s third congressional district.

“It is an incredible honor and privilege to win this election and have the opportunity to be the first mom to serve Colorado’s Third Congressional District,” Boebert said.

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Boebert unseated the incumbent GOP Rep. Scott Tipton during the hotly contested Republican nominations.

Meanwhile, another pro-2A candidate won a seat in New Mexico. Republican Yvette Herrell defeated the incumbent Democrat Xochitl Torres Small for the Second Congressional District.

The Democrat marketed herself as pro-Second Amendment despite having voted for universal background checks. Her gesture earned her the wrath of anti-gun activists who cut funding for her campaign.

Although the pro-2A candidates won the seats, the House is expected to remain predominantly Leftist.

The Second Amendment Rights also suffered a major blow in Arizona after Republican Martha McSally lost to Giffords co-founder Mark Kelly. Kelly put up a spirited campaign against the incumbent, blaming her for “doing nothing” to stop gun violence. Additionally, various gun control groups backed him, giving him an edge to outcompete McSally, whose campaign was in disarray.

Arizona, alongside Texas, were among the states targeted by Democrats in their grand scheme to flip the Senate.


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