STEM School Shooter Receives a Hefty Sentence, Apologizes, and Urges Others to Seek Help

Maya ‘Alec’ McKinney, One of the STEM school shooters who was born as a female but identifies as male, showed remorse after receiving a life sentence plus 38 years with the possibility of parole after two decades. McKinney was a juvenile during the incident, but the court tried him as an adult.

He apologized for the death of Kendrick Castillo and the injuries of the other eight students. Castillo lost his life as he tackled the gunmen during the incident, saving many lives.

“I will never repeat these actions ever again because the harm I caused is truly too much for anyone to bear,” McKinney said in a video statement.

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McKinney, who confessed to 17 counts related to the shootings, said he planned the attack for weeks. He said he targeted students who mocked him for being a transgender person. The shooter said he wanted everyone to suffer because the world was a horrible place. The convict said he did not deserve any leniency and advised potential shooters to seek help. The victims’ families accused him of crying crocodile tears and wished the worst on him.

The 17-year old said it was the idea of his accomplice, Devon Erickson, two years his senior, and who pled “not guilty” to the charges. Erickson’s defense labeled McKinney as the mastermind of the shooting, who forced their client to participate in the crime.

The prosecution produced 20 witnesses who described the pain caused by McKinney’s actions. John Castillo, the father of the slain student, said he agreed with the sentence. He labeled McKinney as a monster and said that he would never forgive McKinney for taking the life of his son as well as his life purpose.

“I’ll never forgive you; I hate you,” Mr. Castillo said.
“I will never forgive you,” Ms. Castillo said. “My only wish is to see you dead, burning in hell.”
“You should be ashamed of yourself,” Aiden Morrison, a student witness, said. “Other people may think that you will learn from your actions, but I don’t think you will. I hope that you suffer.”

Morgan McKinney, the shooter’s mother, was the sole witness for the defense. She apologized for the shooting and begged for leniency. Ms. McKinney said she loved her son and that it was possible for him to rewrite the wrongs.

Lucas Albertoni, the father of one of the injured students, told the prosecution to reread the statement explaining how his son would live with a bullet lodged in his body and risk lead poisoning for the rest of his life.

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