Student Was Suspended After Classmates Said “He Has A Gun” – Parents File A Lawsuit

An 11-year-old special needs student has a weapons’ record after Jefferson Parish School suspended him based on his classmates’ "he has a gun" remarks.

However, the Grand Isle school teacher did not see the supposed weapon during the virtual classroom. Tomie Brown’s dad was later summoned to school the following day.

“After I received a phone call asking us to come to the principal’s office the next day, I went into his bedroom with him because he didn’t mention anything had happened because it was so insignificant from his in perspective anyway,” Tim Brown said according to Fox8Live.

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The high-performing student was facing expulsion, but the parent pleaded with the school to reconsider the decision. The school finally agreed to reduce the punishment to a suspension but kept the permanent record. Tomie’s parents said they were forced to sue to protect their child.

Jefferson Parish School district handed a similar punishment to another student, Ka’Mauri Harrison, whose incident led to a new Louisiana online learning policy named after the child.

Despite Ka’Mauri Law trying to set boundaries to prevent similar incidents, the school kept his permanent record, forcing a lawsuit. The school district also allegedly resorted to retaliation by involving the Child Protection Services.

The school district doesn’t wish to admit mishandling the incidents but decided to gamble with the children’s future. Jefferson Parish School maintains children’s bedrooms are an extension of the school. Consequently, the only way to have permanent records expunged is through rigorous lawsuits.

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