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Students For Concealed Carry Rally Takes Shape

The Students for Concealed Carry are planning a protest against the ban on concealed carry on college grounds across the country. The grassroots movement has organized the event to highlight the risks faced by students on campus grounds. These risks emanate from the campus regulations banning the concealed carrying of firearms for self-defense.

The group through its spokesperson David Burnett points out that the majority of mass shootings in colleges have taken place in gun-free zones. This is because the criminals were sure that nobody would shoot back in such “safe” places. Burnett said that college administrators had enacted such rules since they were not the ones in the immediate danger of armed psychopaths.

Additionally, the group highlights that posting signs did nothing to improve the security of campus students as such posts would not deter armed criminals.

The protest will include wearing empty holsters while on campus grounds and will take place from October 7 to 11th 2019. Members could express their interest for the event through the group’s Facebook event or Students for Concealed Carry Website.

The group has been active in fighting for rights to carry concealed weapons since 2007 when Virginia Tech Massacre took place. The group indicates that most carry colleges have not witnessed mass shootings despite expectations to the contrary.

Hundreds of campuses across ten states allow students to carry firearms for self-defense. States that allow concealed carry of firearms on campuses are Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Idaho, Kansas, Utah, and Wisconsin. Another 23 states have given individual colleges to make the decision on whether to allow concealed carry in their campuses. Utah prohibits any campuses from preventing any members from carrying firearms. The state of Kansas allows colleges to ban concealed carry only if adequate security has been provided.

Join LSGR today to help our fight against anti-gun RINOs and Democrats. Only together can we put our elected officials back in the place they belong... Serving us, not ruling us! They work for us, and our natural rights are not up for negotiation!

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