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Ted Nugent Says the “Marxist Devil Party” Cannot Take Our Guns

Veteran Rock Ted Nugent expressed his strong views on the recently concluded presidential election. He lamented the election of "the devil" heading the "Marxist Devil party" that wants “to take our guns” and “hates America.”

In a Facebook live stream video, the Stranglehold singer warned the gun-grabbers against trying to take our firearms.

"And if you motherf****rs think you’re coming to take our guns, if you think that years of law enforcement, some of ’em are numbnuts, but the majority of ’em will live by their constitutional oath," Nugent said.

Comparing them to the devil, Nugent pointed out that Biden's and Harris’ executive orders would fail in their attempts to confiscate legally owned firearms.

"And Devil Joe and Devil Kamala can sign all the executive orders they want, but you’re not gonna take our guns, period."

"You’re not gonna take our guns. Case closed. Case closed."

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Biden promised to ban the manufacture, importation, and sale of "assault firearms" and "high capacity” magazines. He also promised to enact various gun control laws such as universal background checks, red flag laws, purchase limits, and other unnecessary measures.

Harris also promised during her failed presidential campaign to issue an executive order to ban "assault weapons" within 100 days if Congress failed to enact gun control laws.

Meanwhile, the 'Fred Bear' singer urged Americans to call their Mayors, representatives, senators, and governors and remind them that Americans would not comply with gun confiscation orders.

"Call your mayor and your congressman and your senator and your governor and tell them, ‘You’re not taking our guns.’ We will not surrender our guns. Call them and tell them that."

Nugent is among the most ardent Trump supporters. He has described Trump in various flattering ways including, the "greatest president in our lifetime," "sent by God," and "greatest conservative president" He also performed various patriotism-themed songs like the Star-Spangled Banner and the National Anthem during Trump's rallies.


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