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TEXAS- 29th and Falling on Gun Rights

If you ask someone about Texas chances are they will claim Texas is a Pro-Gun State. This is because the overwhelming majority of Texan's are very pro-gun unfortunately the State of Texas does not live up to the reputation that Texan's have.

As of the start of the 86th Legislative session the 2018 Cato Institute's index of Nation Ranking of pro-gun states ranked Texas at 29th in the Nation. Being ranked 29th in the Nation that sets Texas in the bottom half and with a failing grade.

How could this be? Texas has a "Republican" majority who all campaign on being Pro-Gun so why is Texas so far behind? The answer to these questions is real simple. Texans have been duped into believing that the "R" next to many legislators name stands for Republican, in reality it sands for RINO (Republican In Name Only).

Texas started the 86th Session with a new Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen who campaigned with staged 2A related pics claiming he is pro-gun but decided to elect arguably the most Anti-Gun State Rep that Texas has Poncho Nevarez as Chairman over most of the meaningful gun bills. The Speaker Dennis Bonnen called the #1 Priority of the Republican Party of Texas which happen to be Constitutional Carry "bad policy" and cited the false talking points from Mom's Demand Action that it allows criminals to carry firearms.

While Republican Leadership in Texas kills the RPT's priority legislation several other States decided to pass it this session. The majority of the nation currently has a form of unlicensed carry but yet republican leadership in Texas feels Texans cannot be trusted with the same rights as the majority of the Nation while touting to Texans that they are Pro-gun.

It will be interesting to see the updated National Ranking for 2019 and how far Texas will fall from 29th as we kill pro-gun bills and other States continue to pass pro-gun bills.


2018 Cato Institute's National Ranking

Republican Party Of Texas #1 Priority

Constitutional Carry

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