Texas House Passes Constitutional Carry - Here's What You Need to Know!

Updated: Apr 20

Texas broke a major legislative plateau on April 15, 2021.

The Texas House passed HB 1927, Texas’ Permitless Carry bill by a vote of 84-56 on April 15. The House later approved the bill one final time on April 16.

Final Vote HB1927

The fight, however, is far from over. HB 1927 will now be heading to the Senate. We should always remember that under a true Constitutional Carry bill, all lawful gun owners should receive equal treatment under the law. A clean bill would leave no doubts about who is able to carry and what locations they can carry their handguns at. Simply put, every lawful citizen who is legally allowed to possess a handgun should be allowed to carry it in areas where it’s already legal for licensed individuals to carry.

Constitutional Carry is already present in 20 states, including some of Texas’ neighbors such as Arkansas and Oklahoma. All told, Texas has been lagging on Constitutional Carry, which is unacceptable given Texas’s perception as a pro-gun state

Several amendments were made to the bill.

These included:

  1. A municipal pre-emption clause that prevents municipalities from prohibiting LTC holders and those without an LTC from carrying on public grounds.

  2. An amendment that expunges previous convictions of otherwise legal gun owners carrying without a permit.

  3. An amendment that protects foster parents’ right to carry in their vehicle without having to possess an LTC.

  4. An amendment that would not allow for an officer to harass or question individuals for simply carrying a gun. They must have reasonable cause, alarm, or suspicion to question or disarm an individual carrying a firearm.

There was some bad news with regards to a few pro-gun amendments. Rep, Jeff Cason offered an amendment that allows adults 18 to 21 to carry a firearm without a license, which ended up failing. Similarly, Rep. Kyle Biedermann put forward an amendment that would have allowed college students 21 and older to carry on campus without having to obtain a license. Sadly, this amendment ended up failing.

Representative Kyle Biedermann

Representative Bryan Slaton

Nevertheless, HB 1927 remains a solid Constitutional Carry bill. Now that it is in the Senate, gun owners will have to continue pressuring their elected officials to pass Constitutional Carry.

All told, the fight is only just getting started. For the past decade, gun owners have fought tooth and nail to get Constitutional Carry passed. Although a major hurdle was cleared with HB 1927’s passage in the House, it will likely face tough obstacles in the Senate.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick was rumored to have been working behind the scenes to kill HB 1927 before the bill was voted out of the House. As a matter of fact, there have been whispers in the halls of the State Capitol that Patrick was responsible for going behind the scenes and organizing a recent press conference featuring big city law enforcement leaders and leftist policies chiefs. This cadre of law enforcement officials proceeded to trash HB 1927.

To add insult to injury, activists reported that Patrick sent Senators to the House floor to convince House members not to tack on any pro-gun amendments to the bill.

Make no mistake about it, without activist pressure from Second Amendment patriots like you, Patrick and scheming Democrats will do everything possible to scuttle Constitutional Carry.

It’s crucial that you urge Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to prioritize passing Constitutional Carry by calling his office at 512-463-0001.

The time to turn up the heat is now, and I’m asking that all Lone Star Gun Rights members make their most generous contributions to put Constitutional Carry over the top in the Texas Senate.

A generous contribution of $250 or $100 would go a long way in making Texas the 21st Constitutional Carry state.

But this may be beyond the reach of some of our members.

So, if you chip in $50, $25, or even $10, this will allow us to activate a grassroots army of Texans to help make Constitutional Carry a reality in the Lone Star State.

We will need all the help we can get.

Thank you again, for your continued support.

In Freedom,

Justin Delosh

Legislative Director

Lone Star Gun Rights

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