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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Based out of San Antonio, Texas is a blacksmith shop that is saving lives by making knives. A organization called "Reforged" is a Veteran operated nonprofit geared towards helping Veterans and first responders craft a knife and forge connections. Counseling is also available before, during, and after knifemaking class at no cost.

In a nutshell, what "Reforged" is doing is providing a judgment free hub for veterans to shape a sharper future by giving them what most would consider a discarded piece of metal and through sweat, struggle, and determination they turn it into a cherished item. In so many ways the process has a deep meaning that forges a new prospective and outlook.

We at Lone Star Gun Rights have heard quite a few testimonies of "Reforged Alumni" who expressed that the environment at Reforged made them feel comfortable even though other outlets made them hesitant to reach out, and in many cases long wait times. In combat, our Veterans risk their lives for each other, but often feel isolated when they come home. Though they have returned from combat physically, many memories of combat still rage within them. In the United States where we average 22 veteran suicides each day we can only wonder just how many lives are potentially changed by the forged relationships built with "Reforged'.

Reforged could use your help as they are committed to purchasing equipment to better serve our Veterans with physical disabilities. They are seeking a hydraulic press and more grinders so disabled Veterans can forge a knife with more autonomy.

Reforged is also seeking funding to acquire additional counselors and expand services at no cost to Veterans.

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